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On and on and on and on.

On and on and on and on and on’

Slip slide inside this twin ccccoil
this labyrinttttttthine maze
Intestinal routes laaarggggge and small
devour time, and return
and seek out hidden
cccccchaaaaambers hiding portals
breached aaand secure from the wind.
three insertions: chequered patterns guide the eye
to vaaaanishing points
submerged into the earth, gggateways to Chthonic worlds
a plantttttation of infinite voids leading where else
inverted towers opening to an infinite underworld.

Maze, sculpture, art, labyrinth

Photo by Kevin McFeely Photography

On and on and on and on and on’

The most typical and idiosyncratic objects of beach holidays in our western windy islands – the coloured and stripped windbreaker – were employed to create the Lynders Mobile Home Park Maze.

The maze itself is based on a aperiodic binary tiling of the plane – a randomised process where a 50 cent coin decided the direction of each square on the mazes grid – either diagonally up or down. Be warned – once entering you may be lost for a considerable time…

Hidden within the maze are a series of chambers with sculptural inversions waiting to be discovered.

​Gillian Lawler’s Inversion I, II and III infuses the idea of place, organisation, relocation and transformation through different states of being. Submerged into the earth, Inversion I, II, and III reveal an opening between two worlds, a plantation of infinite voids, leading somewhere else. Recurring checker board motifs accentuate a definite but skewed anti-perspective, which herein add to a surreal, dreamlike sense of discomfort, where what appears to have been planned according to a perspectival logic is withheld and subverted.