Beacon: Stonewalls Project, Part 1, at the Island of Pag, Paška Vrata, Croatia

Beacon is a collaborative scultpure between artists Mark Cullen, Dorian Pacak, Laura Stojkoski and cultural anthropologist Sara Mikelić and ethnographer Lucija Dania. Devised in response to a technical workshop on dry stonewalls delivered by Maja Flajsig of the NGO Dragodid.

Beacon blends ancient dry wall techniques with space age materials and processes of preservation. The stones forming Beacon have been lamintated with a layer of aluminium foil similar to the protection used on satelites and space hardware. Installed on a rocky outcrop to the north of the Zaton trail Beacon reflects sunlight throughout the day.

Beacons’s is a hybridisation of the early Christian beehive hut and the neolithic court cairn passage tombs found in Ireland, many of which have celestial alignments. In this case the portal and inner chamber aligns with the rising sun during the period of the summer solstice.

The Stonewalls project was developed for Croatia by curator Josip Zanki.

Location: Paška Vrata, Island of Pag, Croatia.

Stonewalls Project, Part 1, Kožino, Privlaka, National Park Paklenica, Velebit Mountain, Fortica at the Island of Pag, Paška Vrata, Croatia

22/06/21 – 29/06/21