The Future is Self Organised – Limerick City Gallery 2015 – 2016.


The Future is Self-Organised is an exhibition looking at artist-led practice and the role and contribution of artist-run spaces to contemporary art, culture and society.



The exhibition is the first of a series of projects to take place throughout 2016 that will mark the 20th year of the artist-run space Pallas Projects/Studios (PP/S). These projects will look at the role of artist-run spaces and artist-run practice today – and looking towards the future – with a number of cooperative exhibitions and ancillary events taking place, foregrounded by a major publication ‘Artist-Run Europe – Practice/Projects/Spaces’, due in early 2016.

Curated by Mark Cullen & Gavin Murphy of Pallas Projects

_DSC0230Spaces: 126, Galway; The Black Mariah, Cork; Catalyst Arts, Belfast; E.S.P. TV, New York; Occupy Space, Limerick; Pallas Projects, Dublin; Suburban Video Lounge, Rotterdam

Projects: The Artist-Led Archive, Real Art Project (RAP)

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Artists: Fiona Chambers, Mark Cullen, Niall de Buitléar, Brian Duggan, Blaithin Hughes, Gillian Kane, Gillian Lawler, Breda Lynch, Eimear Jean McCormack, Gavin Murphy, Mark O’Kelly, Jim Ricks, Kathy Tynan, ‘Heavier-than-Air Flying Machines Are Impossible’ artists’ film programme

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_DSC0265The exhibition The Future is Self-Organised engages with the recent history of artist-run groups and independent spaces to produce a highly visual group exhibition including artworks, documentation, ephemera, artist-run presentations and collaborative installations. Its aim is to show to the public how artist-run practice manifests itself, how artist-run spaces are a distinctive and central part of visual art culture, and how they present an necessary alternative to the art institution, museum or commercial gallery. It is the first gallery manifestation of a 4-year research/publication project – Artist-Run Europe – undertaken by PP/S into artist-run practice and spaces around Europe. #ArtistRunEurope

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“…while we remain subject to a system geared towards squeezing cash even out of the rubble it generates, the task, as we see it, is to remind ourselves that this rubble might offer a relative but significant opening: namely an awakening sense that there is no neoliberal future to build, and that we’re no longer compelled to compete as individuals for a piece of the free market world. Against this backdrop, we can measure those in the art system as it stands and by what it is they have to offer in the preparation of a post-capitalist society.”*

There is no Alternative: The Future Is (Self-) Organised, Part 2 – Anthony Davies, Stephan Dillemuth & Jakob Jakobsen*